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Welcome to - Exceptional aromatherapy candles that are far ahead of the rest.

Fireside Candle started in 2014 when we successfully developed a unique candle wax blend that when combined with certain components became the "longest burning candle ounce for ounce that anyone will find. All the components that are used are developed and sourced in the USA. Every candle unit or accessory is made by hand, and everything is made in the USA.
The longest burning candle you will ever find 
The wax blend that we use is proprietary, and is a secret recipe that has been developed over years of research and testing. The high quality materials we've incorporated into our secret blend all contribute to making the wax blend the longest burning of any candle we have ever discovered. We use zero coloring agents and zero fillers making our candles as pure and natural as possible. Also, we use only true essential oils to create our scents, and none of the cheap synthetic ingredients found in other so-called "aromatherapy" candles you'll find elsewhere.

Here at Fireside Candle, we take pride in producing the highest performing candles in the market today. Go ahead and compare our products with other aromatherapy candles and experience the best scented candles we have to offer.

Choose from our outstanding selection of aromatherapy candles, essential oils, wax warmer inserts and bath & body products you're certain to love!

Whether for your personal use or as special gifts to friends and family, you can't go wrong with the best performing aromatherapy candles from

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